Program Manager Visa

In order to facilitate financial inclusion as well as answer to the need for quick and secure payment solution, Weblogy is becoming VISA Program Manager. It offers different prepaid cards programs available on worldwide Visa Network. As a result, you will have access to more than 32 million merchant worldwide, over 1.2 million automated teller machines. Weblogy offers ready to use programs tailored to your needs and to those of your company.

Our Value Added

  • Distribution and customer support services
  • Designing autonomous programs tailored to you goals 
  • Mobile banking app development 
  • Ensure nationwide distribution of your VISA prepaid card
  • Promote financial inclusion of younger generation in rural areas 
  • Make it easier to use VISA card online as well as for daily transactions
  • Positively impact consumers behavior

Our first program: Prepaid Visa Card

Carte Visa Prépayée

Since 2016, Weblogy Group as been offering a VISA prepaid Card. Partnership between and NSIA Banque has led to a cord offering best of both financial services and technological innovations; a reloadable mobile wallet without bank account. 

The card is a highly secured, international VISA prepaid card dedicated to members

No checking account required

  • card allows you to be independent from a bank 
  • card is accessible to all, no income requirements 
  • It can be used as soon as it is activated 
  • Spend only available funds 
  • Real time card balance online and the mobile app 
  • 24/7 customer service, call +225 22 00 90 80  or email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for all questions, claims or advice

Commitment Free Card

  • Using card requires no commitment from you
  • Load your card based upon your need anytile during its 3 years validity period 
  • Freedom to use your card anywhere in Côte d’Ivoire, in UEMOA region or worldwide 
  • More than 32 million merchant worldwide
  • Over 1.2 million automated teller machines (ATM)
  • Your card is international

Innovation and Efficiency card offers the same basic advantages as other cards issued by banks, but goes further with its functionalities, flexibilities and practical tools. 

Regardless of your employment status: employed, retired, unemployed, student, tourist, entrepreneur, etc. through a VISA prepaid card, allows you access to all services that come with a bank account without having one. card has more advantages than other VISA cards issued by banks with its functionalities, flexibilities and practical management tools to assist members in their daily expenses. 



Classic banking security system including Pin Code and 24/7 fraud detection center at +225 22 00 90 80.

Secured online shopping 

As the card is not linked to your checking account, your related personal data will not be tracked when shopping online with your card.


Stay on budget, expenses are limited to the amount you load on the card.


  • Check your account 24/7 from  Mon Compte
  • Carry out international transactions, your card is accepted on the VISA network (200 countries 
  • Receive your paycheck and other direct deposits by wire 
  • Use it for gifts purchases and other daily transactions 
  • Withdraw cash from any VISA ATMs in Côte d’Ivoire and worldwide


Full discretion as your transactions will not appear on your checking account.

Mobile App

Weblogy is launching a new version prepaid card mobile app.

Carte Visa Prépayée

APaym: Mobile app for your Prepaid Visa Card

We made your uses of the card simpler with APaym mobile app


Unlock the app with Face ID, Touch ID or a password. 

Real Time Balances

Get your account balance in real time and see transactions in currency of your choosing.

Card to card transfer

Transfers to other cards free of charge.

Mobile Money

Transfer funds and reload your card using Mobile Money.

Debit Card

Reload your prepaid card from VISA, Mastercard or GIM UEMOA debit card.

Cellphone Minutes

Top up your phone credit or someone else anywhere in the world.

Payment Method

Use merchant QR code to check out.


Pay your bills CIE, SODECI, Canal+, CNPS...


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