Google Apps

We provide you with Google Apps integration and technical support as well as trainings on its various features.
Google Apps allows you to benefit from a range of powerful applications:

Gmail : Give your business customized email addresses with 30GB storage capacity, chat, and search features

Google Hangouts : Communicate with your team without having to move. You can start a group chat, voice, or video conversation.

Google Agenda : Organize your schedule and share events with your contacts. Receive reminders and publish your calendar on the web.

Google Drive : This is the online Google office suite. Save your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets on cloud. Share them with your contacts, and access the mat any time.

Google Sites : Create shared websites, restricted to your company or to some users only

Google + : a social network for sharing pictures, videos, and discussions.

Google Apps is compatible with all browsers and is available in offline mode. It also works on iOS and Android.