Application Form

To be part of our Network, you must submit the online application form :
Once we validate your application, you will be contacted by our team to negotiate and sign the contract.

Selection criteria :

We reserve the right to refuse any website which fails to meet our selection criteria. These criteria are usually related to the quality of your site and include:

  • Traffic : Having a considerable number of impressions and unique visitors.
  • Content : We reserve the right to refuse any website whose content is inapropriate. This includes but is not limited to websites not complying with French or international laws, ethics, morals, and websites presenting illegal activities...
  • Graphical user interface : it is necessary that your site have a graphical interface that is attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Non-exclusive Services

Our services are non exclusive. We can be responsible for managing just some of your ad spaces. In this case, you can display other ads on the remaining spaces, as long as they are not simultaneously managed by our competitors.


We offer online advertising management services for individuals.